Startup Weekend Szczecin 2011 (II)


Thanks to the organizers of the event, this weekend I had the opportunity to assist to the project presentations of the first Start Up Weekend Szczecin, the first Polish-German meeting of this kind.

Besides the importance of making contacts and meeting new people I found it really interesting because of two things.

  1. The big amount of new ideas you can find among young people.
  2. The capability of making teams and work in fast-mode for 54hours.

I also learned how important is to have a strong idea, but mainly the importance of explaining it in a visual way: The simpler the better.

Although almost all the projects were focused on internet world and mobile apps, there were couple of interesting prodcuts, such as Vinesty and Sportfolio

The Scatchapp team swept to victory thanks to a video where they showed how the application really works. No theory, no technical terms… Just see with your eyes what we did since we formed the group.

I even found smart the name, (although they didn’t explain it at all) I took it as a combination of Sketch + catch + application = Scatchapp, (making a word game with the google known program SketchUp)

They got the jury award, the mentors’ award and even the community chose them as best project.

But now, two days after the presentations, and away from the first impressions, I found Sportfolio a better -more useful and complete- product.

Sportfolio was presented as a “Linked In” for sports world, helping young people to go pro and find managers, teams and share their results in a closed or open profile. I hope they will be able to develop it, and wish them all the luck.

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