Startup Weekend Szczecin 2011 (I)

Lately a friend has been telling me that the last weekend of October the first  Polish “Start Up Weekend” will take place in Szczecin. He attended to a previous Start Up Weekend in Eindhoven, and was particullary insistent on the importance of making new contacts.Yesterday morning, as we were taking a cup of coffee, he summed it up this way:

“You may have a idea and you can find people who will cooperate with you to develop it… or you can just go there, see what you can do and fit in some work-team. It doesn’t matter what you studied; you’ll find businessmen, IT Engineers, designers… even lawyers. You just have to bring your idea or your services and you’ll find some people who will really work for it -for free- during this weekend”

I think the video below shows pretty well all that he described me.

Probably we’ll drop by.
More info at:
And their twitter